Love and Pollination by Mari Jane Law – Book Review

About the book:

Shortlisted for Choc Lit’s 2019 Search for a Star competition

Perdita Riley is facing the greatest dilemma of her life.

Why had she taken Violet Freestone’s advice on how to make herself look more alluring? It led her into the arms of a womaniser. And now Perdita has to deal with a huge setback. Actually, Setback Number One isn’t huge yet, but it won’t be long before it is. To cheer herself up, Perdita goes shopping, where an extraordinary encounter deposits her, literally, into the lap of Saul Hadley. She would like to stay there, but Setback Number One is going to get in the way.

Will she find a way to deal with what has happened? Can she manage the complications of her growing attraction to Saul?

This hilarious situational romantic comedy will keep you gripped until the very end.

My review:

When I was approached by Mari Jane Law to read and review her book Love and Pollination, I was so intrigued by it that I had to say yes, and it really did not disappoint. I managed to read it via Kindle Unlimited.

As a Catholic, educated by nuns in the 70s/80s, I actually found myself understanding the incredibly naive character of Perdita a little too well, as my own sex education was non-existent.

Perdita’s naïveté is perhaps a little extreme, but also brings an endearing quality to her personality. She was very likeable, and some of her experiences, from meeting Tony, to the library and her interactions with Saul, were hysterically funny, and brought some real laugh out loud moments.

I thought Saul was very Darcy-esque, with his aloof manner when he first met Perdita but as with Mr Darcy, he grew through the novel, and was a perfect match for Perdita. I loved Violet as well, with her matchmaking skills, she was a lovely character within the story.

This was such an entertaining, fun read with many laugh out loud moments. It was a very well-written story, with engaging characters, and character development which really added to the story.


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