Game of Hearts by Katy Moran – Book Review

About the book:

Cornwall, 1817

Hester Harewood has washed up on the shores of Cornwall. She has narrowly escaped the French soldiers who murdered her father and planned to sell her.

Meanwhile, Jack ‘Crow’ Crowlas, a former intelligence officer under the Duke of Wellington, is haunted by his part in the defeat at Waterloo. He desperately seeks redemption from the commander he failed.

Hester is headstrong and independent but, caught in the crossfire of the Cornish Rebellion with the captivating Crow, she will have no choice but to work with him.

The only way to ensure Cornwall can free itself from French rule is to free Wellington. In doing so, Hester and Crow will find themselves caught in a web of treachery and betrayal…

Game of Hearts was previously published as False Lights by K.J. Whittaker.

My review:

Game of Hearts is the first book in the trilogy of Hester and Crow stories by Katy Moran.

In this book, set in 1817, this historical fiction book actually flips the history and considers what society would be like in England if Napoleon had been successful at the Battle of Waterloo. The result of that success sees the removal of the Royal Family, and the occupation of England by the French.

Hester, the heroine in this story is the mixed race daughter of a black naval captain living on the Scilly Isles. Crow, also known is Lord Crowlas Lamorna bears a striking resemblance to the moody Ross Poldark from the pen of Winston Graham, and is also Cornish. He is tall, dark and broodingly handsome with a torso covered in Tahitian tribal tattoos.

When Crow meets Hester she has escaped from French soldiers who had killed her father and were keeping the Duke of Wellington prisoner in her home on the Scilly Isles, and she has washed up on the Cornish coast. He determines that he needs to get her to London where she is more likely to be kept safe.

At the same time, Crow’s younger brother Christopher or Kitto is determined to make life difficult for the French in England, getting into scrapes and risking his own life in the process.

This book is heavy on the political intrigue whilst also having the steamy connection between Hester and Crow. I definitely think that this novel would appeal to fans of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, as well as the Poldark series. As a Regency Romance trilogy, the sizzling romance will definitely raise temperatures, but with a strong leaning towards historical fiction using an alternate history timeline which will intrigue the reader. I’ve read alternate timeline books by other authors before, and I think it is incredibly clever to place the reader within the premise of what would have happened if the loser had won the war, and Katy Moran has done this with exceptional skill.

This exciting book is the first in the trilogy, so please keep an eye out for my reviews of Wicked by Design tomorrow, and Scandalous Alchemy on Wednesday.

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