Timothy Mean and the Time Machine 2 by William A.E. Ford

About the book:

With Timothy Mean’s amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible!

Join Timothy and sister Lucy on a new magical rhyming adventure in this sequel to the award winning ‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ children’s picture book.

Mummies, Gladiators, Cavemen, Albert Einstein, Giant Squids, Leonardo Da Vinci and Aliens make an appearance in this exciting, laugh out loud, time travel escapade.

My Review:

This is the second book in the series and I think I loved it even more than the original Timothy Mean and the Time Machine.

The illustrations are beautifully done and together with the rhyming prose creates a fun adventure for a young child to enjoy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journeys that Timothy continues to take in his Time Machine. He continues to travel to various fascinating points in history, and this time it is even better because his little sister Lucy is a part of the story, and she helps him.

This is a wonderful book for little ones to enjoy reading with an adult, and will prompt them to discuss more historical events, so they get to learn while having fun.

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The Cockatoo from Timbuktu by William A.E. Ford – Book Review


About the book:

Join Kian the cockatoo on his adventures around the world!

Can a childhood song about a shining star help him find his way home?

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China to New York City wonders of the world are explored delightfully in this epic journey!

My Review:

This was the second book I’ve read by William A.E. Ford, and I loved it even more than ‘Timothy Mean’.

The story, in rhyming prose, tells of the story of Kian the Cockatoo who escapes from the zoo and goes on a series of adventures in order to find his way back home to Timbuktu.

The illustrations by Ramile M Imac are a beautiful accompaniment to the story, showing the various cities and countries Kian finds himself, with such vibrancy that I am sure a child aged 3+ could not help to be transfixed. I certainly was, because the story is lovely, and there was so much to see on every page.

I also enjoyed the interesting facts at the back of the book, which are both educational and fascinating. This is an adorable book for children and one that I highly recommend.

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William A E Ford


What they say:


With Timothy Mean’s amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible!

Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates, gets daring with dragons, and even teases a T-Rex!

“It’s Monday. Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?

With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time!

What I say:

When the author contacted me to read and review his wonderful book I was intrigued by the concept. My own children are 24 and 25 and at the moment are some way from providing me with grandchildren. However my niece has a three year old firecracker of a daughter and I fully intend on purchasing a copy of this book for her, given that I have firmly become the Great Aunt who always buys her books!

The concept of a rhyming book works perfectly in this situation. Children enjoy rhyming books, and the rhyming in Timothy Mean and the Time Machine is charming. Timothy Mean is a mischievous little boy, and although some of his adventures include him being very naughty, I think this could be used as a teaching experience about the difference between right and wrong.

The story reminded me of Mr Benn, whose books and tv show were an important part of my childhood. Can you believe they only made 13 episodes of the tv show? In Mr Benn, he would go into the changing room of a fancy dress shop, try on an outfit and go through a door into a world where he would have an adventure. In comparison, in Timothy Mean and the Time Machine, Timothy would push a button on his time machine each day and go on a big adventure. Each of his journeys would find him in a situation where he had the opportunity to do something funny (and naughty), and ending with his return home to tell his Mummy and Daddy about his adventure.

I think this book is delightful, and I can imagine it would be a giggle-fest for children of varied ages. My son would have loved this when he was little, and I am sure my great-niece will enjoy it when she receives it for Christmas this year!